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Every bride deserves an unforgettable experience when saying yes to the dress. We at Haute bridal official provide just that. From our champagne rooftop toast to our custom toned illusion to match each and every brides unique skin tone, we are here for YOU! We provide each of brides the highest form of class, care and luxury from the moment they step foot into our store. No matter your size, shape, skin tone YOU are welcome, you are seen, you are important.

We welcome you as our bride, but you leave as our family.

We cannot wait to say yes to the dress with you and your best gals, brides!! Give us a call, we have the champagne chilling!

The Naama & Anat Difference

Haute Bridal is a Naama & Anat exclusive couture bridal shop. We specialize in class, care, and luxury. When you shop Haute Bridal, we make your dream gown reality. With the most sophisticated techniques Naama & Anat are a mother daughter team that creates flattering silhouettes and stunning designs.

The advantages in carrying Naama & Anat designs include:

•Quality construction using time honored techniques passed down through generations of gown construction.
•Proprietary Construction techniques allow us to construct gowns that not only look beautiful but fit and move with your bride.
•We do not use glue!
•Quality Materials.
•Custom Designer lace.
•All dresses are designed & made to measure.

Haute Bridal is the only place to get your luxury Naama & Anat in Illinois & Wisconsin. Say yes to the dress with Haute Bridal.



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